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This is what we've waited for

This is it, boys, this is war

Nena Trinity
30 July
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because the rage it burns like chinese torture
Nena Trinity is 19 years old; her birthday is July 30. She lives in 2311, in space. She has two elder brothers.
she's just someone's favourite daughter
Nena is cheerful, outgoing, and cute. And then you deny her something she wants and you realize she's also spoiled, selfish, and not a little violent in the bargain. She has no brain-to-mouth filter, and while it's fairly easy to get on her good side, it's just as easy to get on her bad side. She sees nothing wrong with using threats of violence to get her way, and whines when she doesn't get what she wants. She likes cute clothes, the color pink, and sweets of all kinds; playing against type, though, she's a computer programming major at university.
spoilt and ugly as she willingly slaughters
...So goes the cover story. In reality, she's an artificial human who hasn't set foot in a school for the less than ten years since she was created, except for a few months while she was in hiding on another world. Her quantum brainwaves let her uplink directly to electronics, and the cheerful bloodthirstiness comes from being raised as a tykebomb Gundam pilot. One thing and another happened, and at this point (deviating from canon) she's a member of Celestial Being proper, a paramilitary organization devoted to ridding the world of war.
friends and enemies they're all the same
Nena is from Gundam 00 and played at DramaDramaDuck. Also played by me:
Itsuki Koizumi Tamaki Suou Sheryl Nome
Mileina Vashti Homura Akemi Vriska Serket

"My little girl." - Cross
"A spunky and fun redhead with a spastic brother for double the pleasure. I'd hit it if it were even remotely willing." - Greed
"No offense, Nena, but your advice is only good for life-ruining." - Willow
"I'm never building her a suit." - Tony
"Needs to invest in a brain to mouth filter. Unfortunately for her ego, still cute." - Willow
bad haro, being adorable, blowing up weddings, cross is my notpapa, getting my way, go away ali, going shopping, hotpants, how dare you setsuna, johann-nii, lockon can suck it, miha-nii, molesting boys, people buying me things, pew pew pew, shiro, shits and giggles, shooting things, strawberries, sweets, throne drei, wang is a bitch